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This obedient little fuck pig keeps her hands behind her back as she gasps for air between throat fucks, she is not worthy of touching the prodigious black skin with her pale ass hands. The blonde haired white devil begins to prioritize the black dick over oxygen, as she keeps the cock in her throat as long as she can take it. Gasping for air she pulls away then promptly licks some sizable black balls. Brother Prince holds her eyes open, she must bare witness to the demise of her white superior socioeconomic status. She directs her apologies to the paramount dick: “I am sorry for my ancestors crimes!” This ignorant porch honkey states, over and over “I love the Black Man”. Rumor has it, if you visit the studio by yourself at night, you can still hear the obnoxious squeals and whimpers of this chunky swine echo throughout, with a timely response telling her to shut the hell up.

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